Return & Warranty

Refund policy:

In the following policy, the buyer will have your right of return.

1. Within ten days after receiving the product, if the product received by the buyer is a defective product, a product with the wrong color or a product with the wrong model. Buyers need to contact Sisigad technical support through After SISIGAD customer service confirms the actual problem with the buyer, the customer service will provide you with a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number.

  • The return material authorization (RMA) number is provided free of charge, and the buyer does not need to pay for shipping.
  • After the buyer receives the attachment of the returned RMA, the buyer needs to return the product in the original packaging within 7 days and notify the SISIGAD customer service via
  • After receiving the returned product, Sisigad should inspect the returned product to ensure that the unused and undamaged products are in the original packaging. After confirmation, if the buyer follows the procedures specified in this policy, SISIGAD will pay the buyer a full refund. (Note: Full refund does not include transportation costs)
  • If the purchaser will use, damage, do not use the original packaging or otherwise return a product that does not comply with this policy, Sisigad will not provide any credit to the purchaser, and the purchaser shall pay all costs for returning the product to the purchaser.

2. Sisigad Technologies Corporation’s products provide a 3-month warranty against manufacturing defects. If you encounter any quality problems within three months after purchasing the product, the buyer should contact Sisigad technical support at And explain the problem situation. After the customer service confirms the situation, SISIGAD will provide the buyer with a free Return Material Authorization (RMA) number. For specific operations, please refer to Article 1.

  • If the buyer uses the product incorrectly during the three-month warranty period, or damages the product due to human factors, or loses the product accessories, he can contact customer service for help.
  • Note: Buyers need to bear the cost of returning RMA.
  • After the product is returned, we will deduct the corresponding amount and the RMA return fee according to the degree of damage to the product, and credit the remaining amount to the buyer.

3. If the warranty period exceeds three months and you need to return or replace the product, please consult SISIGAD customer service staff for detailed information.
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